Wayne A. Grube Memorial Park

Municipal Engineering & Planning

Wayne A. Grube Memorial Park, formerly known as Weaversville Park, is being developed on a 200 acre tract of land owned by Northampton County, located primarily in Allen Township. The park is on the east side of Willowbrook Road, and is bisected by East Bullshead Road and the Catasauqua Creek. The site is considered to be an ideal location for a regional park to provide both passive and active recreation for a growing local population. The County completed the Master Plan for the Park in 1997, with Hanover Engineering providing the surveying for preparation of the plan.

Hanover Engineering has been continuing to assist the County with the preparation of the land development plans and design of the site improvements proposed for Phase I of the park. Specific services provided include surveying, environmental studies, sewage planning, and NPDES, wetland and waterway encroachment permitting. The project also includes the design of two pedestrian underpasses crossing East Bullshead Road and two pedestrian bridges crossing the Catasauqua Creek to connect the park’s proposed extensive trail system to the existing Nor-Bath Trail.

Hanover Engineering also assisted with the preparation of the bid documents and specifications, and provided construction observation for the site improvements.

The Phase I site improvements completed in 2009 consist of the construction of a paved parking lot, portions of the pedestrian pathway including one of the underpasses for East Bullshead Road (shown above), a baseball field, site utilities, and landscaping. Phase 1 work proposed in 2010 consists of the continued construction of the pedestrian pathway system including the two bridge crossings, as well as construction of three pavilions, two restrooms facilities, a service building, a tot lot, benches, signage at the park entrances, and additional landscaping.